Our Mission



The Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC) is a unique research center which focuses on the effects of cyber security threats on societies. Cyber security should cover a comprehensive responsibility for individuals and societies which necessitates a strong awareness. There is a big question of how individuals and societies respond at critical moments derived from cyber security threats. Strategies against these threats form a pillar of security policies and a new type of conflicts. Cyber security threats became one of the basic security problems in today’s world destroying privacy and civil liberties. The CSRC is pursuing to form a regional network of academicians, specialists, business representatives, non-governmental organizations, and researchers on cyber security in Europe, Balkans and Turkey. Besides, the CSRC brings professional and scientific support on cyber security researches to representatives of non-governmental organizations, professional associations and universities. The CSRC’s studies includes social dimension of cyber threats, hacking, financial terrorism, position of private sector in the face of cyber security issues, current and future trends on cyber security policies. It will form a trained information on cyber security for different societies, organizations, associations and business introducing dynamics to work together effectively. In this way, the CSRC aims to become a center of an international network which makes societies and national and international institutions conscious of daily security deficits and ways to deal with them.   




According to the CSRC, cyber security is not only a technical issue. It is also social, economic and academic issue. The CSRC is to advance the social awareness against cyber security threats through analysis, policy suggestions and different ideas made with representatives of universities, business, and civil society, especially from Europe, Balkans and Turkey. It will develop an independent and objective analyses by scrutinizing different dimensions of cyber security threats with a constant social precision. The CSRC brings international and regional viewpoints to cyber security issues. It will be a platform for international and regional conferences, interactive debates, and panel discussions on security strategies, policies, and cyber security strategies. It will be also a platform to bring reliable information on information security and risk management by supporting to form a secure view of future. The CSRC helps individuals, communities, and businesses to find their secure way under the conflictual and insecure international and regional conditions. The CSRC’s studies will produce underlying dynamics of developments about cyber security threats and measures against them.