First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Information and Cyber Security-Global



Information and Cyber Security: Risks, Threats and Issues for Private Sector

Developments in information and communication technologies have created a new world order, and we have been becoming more and more dependent on this. Technology is now a crucial extension of man. In almost any area of everyday life, we live in cyberspace. We meet friends in social networks, pay bills via online banks, and realize all our work in virtual / cyber environments, on a computer or on mobile devices. By not paying enough attention to the security aspects of cyber environment, user accounts, bank accounts or confidential data may be stolen anytime. On the other hand, and more alarmingly, this issue is not only related to the individual, but also concerns institutional and corporate environments. Greater risks and threats may affect the entire market, from small businesses to international conglomerates. Moreover, critical infrastructures provided both by government and private companies, such as natural gas, water and sewerage, electricity networks, are managed through cyberspace. Accordingly, types of attacks are wide and various. The increased usage of Internet technologies and networks in everyday life, has led to more thoroughly cyber security accomplishments, not only from technical areas, but also from sociological, psychological, political and legal areas. Thus, Cyber Security has become a very extensive field for researches. In this context, ICICSG’2017 targets to blend engineering and human sciences and exchange ideas about potential risks and threats in cyber environments for the private sector.

CSRC Global Invites you to participate in the “First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Information and Cyber Security-Global” held in Istanbul, Turkey on October 20, 2017 in cooperation with Department of New Media, Istanbul Gelisim University.

The conference is a one-day scientific organization encompassing presentations by distinctive researches from the international circles, including presentations from keynote speakers.

The conference welcomes papers on following research topics but is not limited to these.

Cyber Security: Risks, Threats and Issues for the Private Sector

Economics of cyber security

Security of Financial Sector

  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking Services

Critical Infrastructures and Protection

  • Threats in Cyber Security critical infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Railways
  • Airlines
  • Energy Systems
  • Health System

Data Protection, Legislation and Security

Human Aspects on Information Security, Privacy and Trust

  • Cyber security awareness raising, education and training
  • Human factors in cyber security
  • Social and Psychological aspects of Cyber Security Risks

New Media Cyber Security

  • Protection of Social Networks Security and privacy in social networking

Legal Issues

  • International Law and Regulations on Cyber Security
  • International Cooperation and Protection

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